Residential Wiring

Residential wiring has changed over the years from Knob & Tube in the 1940′ to Conduit and Non Metallic Sheathed Cable (Romex) in the 1950’s and 60’s. Today most homes are wired with Romex which is less expensive to install.

There are many new requirements for homes today. The Ground Fault and Arc Fault circuit breakers offer better protection from electrical shocks and short circuits. Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide alarms are safety devices to warn you in case of a fire or deadly fumes in your home.

Smart Homes are controlled electrical systems that allow you to activate lighting, appliances and climate control remotely. There are camera systems that also work remotely. While it is best to install the smart systems when wiring a new house, there are retro fit systems that can be added to existing homes.

Whether you are building, remodeling, relocating, repairing, or simply changing a switch, Al Siefert Electric is ready to deliver – no project is too big or too small. Our Electricians are dedicated and committed to our clients to ensure we remain an A+ recommended company. Al Siefert Electric has been in business since 1977 and our electricians have many years of experience in a wide variety of commercial and residential services.

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